David Green of Magnolia, AR

"David is the only person that has ever been able to make our computers work right, and the only person we'll let touch them from now on."

- Hazel Jones

Expert Solutions for When You Say:

Why David is Your Best Choice

  • Free Pick-Up & Delivery with Setup within 5 miles of Magnolia, Arkansas takes the work out of having your computer repaired.
  • No Surprises on Your Bill - Taxes are already included and there are no hidden fees.
  • No Shortcuts Taken - Many companies will delete everything on your computer to remove viruses, but extra time and care is taken by David to protect your files.

Call (870) 904-6883 Now to Solve Your Computer Problems

Fix My Computer

Fix My Computer

Does your computer have any of the following problems?

  • Random error messages
  • Runs more slowly than before
  • Freezes or crashes often
  • Shows frequent pop-up messages

Whether the problems are caused by a virus or the need for a tune-up, this service will solve your problems.

How much will it cost? $149

Free Bonus: Free installation of an anti-virus program.

Setup My New Computer

Setup My New Computer

Skip all the annoying steps that go along with getting a new computer. From taking it out of the box to configuring it for use, have it all done for you so you can skip straight to enjoying your new computer.

How much will it cost? $89

Free Tune-Up: You'll have the useless trial programs removed from your new computer and it will be optimized to run as fast as it can.

Computer Tutoring

Teach Me How to Use My Computer

You don't get generic tutoring here. It's personalized so it goes at your pace, and the examples used are tailored so you'll understand them.

Subjects that can be covered range from introducing someone to a computer for the first time to teaching you how to get your work finished more quickly.

How much will it cost? $60/hr. Call to ask about group discounts.

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